segunda-feira, 20 de julho de 2015

Ideas floating in this realm of love

Passing by my life without knowing it, thinking about what I wished it to be and meanwhile it doesn't stop. Life is a continuum, it has no beginning and no end. Only ideas have beginning and end. I realize that when suddenly I was shaken by reality. What I had as granted ended. A job for life, was no more. My second half parted away. Immersed in thoughts, looking  for answers. Trying to understand, trying to make sense out of my situation. It was overwhelming, no way out seemed possible. Then I gave up. Living, like that, was no more an option. But I hadn't the courage to put an end to life. Instead life ended me. The idea of me, anyway. I felted it clearly. It was all an illusion. Reality is as it is, but I wasn't living it. I was living the story of me, this character, a thinking being, believing that was a victim. That no one understood. It became clear then and all faded away.Only silence was there. Unlimited silence. Observing. Being present. It is okay. Life continued, including this character, this body, but without all the whining. Life presented itself as it is, simple, flowing. I was it. I am it. No worries now. I have all the time of the world. Challenges keep coming. Sadness arise sometimes, love it. Happy moments arise sometimes, love it. People liking me, love it. People criticizing me, love it. What is in there not to love. Still much brutality in the world, it is not part of my daily experience, but love is always the answer. Expanding love, elevating the frequency of love, is a great contribute to help others do the same. All just ideas floating in this realm of love, of pure love. 

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